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We kindly inform you that a swimming pool and sauna complex will not work on the 20th – 24th January, 2020.

Instead you can enjoy one treatment free of charge (from this list):

  • sea salt application, enriched with pine essential oil and pine extract,
  • paraffin application for hand and feet,
  • inhalation with mineral water,
  • inhalation with pine and lavender oil,
  • inhalation with propolis,
  • inhalation with propolis and pollen extract,
  • inhalation with calendula,
  • halotherapy (visit salt room),
  • kinesiotherapy in a group,
  • relaxation and music therapy,
  • lymphatic drainage massage using special equipment  (compression therapy)*,
  • sapropel mud application *,
  • aromatherapy sapropel mud application*,
  • therapeutic peaty mud application (packets)*,
  • bath (white turpentine bath with hydro massage, juniper pearl bath with hydro massage, Melissa pearl bath with hydro massage, lavender pearl bath with hydro massage, seaweed bath with hydro massage, pine pearl bath with hydro massage, iodine – bromine bath, milk bath with forest berries, milk and honey bath, milk bath, rowan bath)*,
  • feet bath basin (white turpentine, juniper, Melissa, lavender, seaweed, pine).

*(after doctor’s consultation).


Or 10% discount on any other chosen treatment https://upa.lt/en/treatment-and-spa/