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A new and unique treatment “Kinesiotherapy and massage treatment UPA”

A new and unique treatment “Kinesiotherapy and massage treatment UPA”

At the begining of this combined treatment  the  kinesiotherapist  performs a therapeutic massage.

The aim of the massage –to restore and correct functional activity of the impaired  body parts, to improve trophic processes in the skin, to  accelerate metabolism, to increase muscle elasticity and ability to contract faster and relax as well as  improve muscle efficiency and minimise pain of the trigger points. During the massage the scar tissue becomes softer ( if there is any) and  disappears , joint capsule nutrition is reinforced and fascias are stretched.

During the second part of the treatment when  the patient‘s body is already prepared for further therapy the kinesitherapist performs joint, ligament and nerve mobilisations and continues working on fascias and trigger points. Under kinesitherapist‘s supervision the patient does muscle strengthening, stretching and impaired function restoring exercises.

After the therapeutic massage the body is better at tolerating physical workload and regenerative processses become stimulated.