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Cosmetologist Inga answers customer questions about skin care

Cosmetologist Inga answers customer questions about skin care

When to do a face clean up: before an important event, e.g. wedding, birthday party, etc.?

It is not recommended to do face clean up when 2 – 3 weeks are left to an important event. This treatment should be chosen according to your skin type, as it is enough for some people to have it once a year, however, others might need it once in a month.

Besides, it is very important to get rid of the habit to pop pimples on your own. During the face clean up treatment cosmetologists use proper products, which prevent from inflammation and scars.


I am not a teenager anymore, however, some pimples still keep appearing on my skin. Why is it so?

It can happen because of improper facial care, diet or air pollution. Besides, this problem may be connected with your hormones, so it is recommended to have a dermatologist consultation.


I carefully moisturize my skin but it still looks dehydrated and dull. Why does it happen?

This problem can happen because you:

  • do not sleep enough,
  • spend much time at computer,
  • often choose junk food,
  • work in rooms with not enough fresh air.

Every person has different facial skin problems, so they should be solved individually.


Every day I apply foundation. Can it be that it blocks pores, does not let the skin to breathe and as a result acne appears?

Yes, it can be one of the reasons why acne appears. In such case, you should choose decorative cosmetics carefully. In addition to that, daily facial care is very important as well.


My skin is dry, after cleaning it is stretched but moisturizing cream does not help. What should I do?

It can happen because of inappropriately chosen cosmetics. A cosmetologist will always:

  • choose the most suitable treatment for your skin type,
  • help you to choose cosmetics, which you can use at home.

Besides, do not forget to drink a lot of water and stay in fresh air.

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