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Kinesiotherapist Valdas Tautkus: 5 myths about body changes

Kinesiotherapist Valdas Tautkus: 5 myths about body changes

New Year is traditionally associated with new resolutions and promises when a lot of us loudly or silently make a promise to care more about the body. A kinesiotherapist Valdas Tautkus, who works in “UPAMedical SPA” in Druskininkai, praises every nice wish and warns about the most common mistakes which appear because of too big enthusiasm. He notices that people often expect to see changes too soon and as a result get disappointed. The kinesiotherapist breaks the most popular myths and encourages to follow not short-term but long-term changes.

1. Myth: kinesiotherapy is meant just for treatment

When people want to move their muscles and start body changes they rush to a gym, start doing exercises or choose different treatments according to themselves. However, before starting to exercise a specialist’s attention can help while finding weak parts, no matter that a person does not experience any pain. A kinesiotherapists consultation is one of the most popular services, which makes guests to come back to “Upa” once again. A chief kinesiotherapist Valdas Tautkus tells what the kinesiotherapist does at first, what he speaks about and what helps to feel better.

“During the visit we firstly discuss what a person feels, when, where, how often, what type of pain a person suffers from and what it could be related with. A client is examined, muscles are tested and the efficiency is evaluated. If necessary, problematic points are examined and painful spots are localised. Afterwards, it is discussed how to get rid of a discomfort causing state as fast as possible, how to harmonize the whole body and its activity”, – tells V.Tautkus.

2. Myth: mild pain will disappear itself

According to V.Tutkus, kinesiotherapists recognize at once a person who works ten or even more hours at computer a day when a person just enters the room. What is even worse, it is to work at a laptop, often read a book, use iPad, telephone or watch TV while in bed. Even a person, who has a perfect health, but works too much and often has a sedentary work, has some complaints. Those who follow less active life style and those who do regular sports sooner or later experience pain in some parts of the body, which might cause discomfort.

“A body itself tells how a person feels, how he/ she lives and if he/she takes care of himself/ herself. The most common complaint is related to neck and waist pains, afterwards back of the head, between shoulder blades, head and other parts of the body pains. Pain informs that something is wrong with our body. It is a biological response, which protects from harmful environmental factors and informs about health disorders. Therefore, one should find out immediately what happens. Besides, some illnesses are prone to disguise, so it is better not to suffer and wait,” stated the specialist from “Upa”.

3. Myth: even one session of exercising will make muscles move

People often expect a fast result, they hope that after visiting a specialist once or twice they will feel better straight away. A kinesiotherapist V.Tutkus says that situation could be  improved for some time even from the very first attempt, however, a person should later follow the recommendations and do “homework”.

“Neither positive nor negative factors, if they happen just occasionally, usually affect our well-being dramatically. If a person weekly spends fifty hours sitting at the computer, an hour or two of sports will not help a lot. It is not enough to explain how to sit or stand correctly. I always recommend to take breaks, to move actively after work. Following such recommendations a person can expect to have a result and a specialist can expect to hear that a client feels much better during the next visit.” – says V. Tautkus.

4. Myth: it is possible to get rid of the pain during weekend

Even one weekend in a health resort can help to recover, however it will not solve chronic body problems very fast. According to the kinesiotherapist, coming to a health resort can be a perfect start. Exercises, performed here will remind of pleasant muscle tone, a massage will help to forget body tension and relax, a sauna will improve bloodstream. The specialist recommends to look forward and not to limit oneself to a short-term effect.

“Some people are all right after a short rest with treatment sessions as they feel themselves as if “recharged”. Others might have different body’s reactions to such changes – some may feel discomfort, so it would be naive to believe that everything will change during one weekend. A body needs longer period of time to react to different attempts to help it”, -warns the kinesiotherapist.

5. Myth: thinking that a health resort will not help me

Even knowing that a life style, which might be connected with a sedentary work, is not going to be changed, we should not become passive. V.Tautkus feels proud of the visitors, who leave Druskininkai being motivated to follow life style changes and do not stop taking care of themselves as they did while staying in “Upa”.

“If a person came with an idea that it is high time to change habits and start changing himself/ herself, it could be a perfect chance to have a kinesiotherapist’s appointment. Testing muscles and examining problematic body parts we will get to know the most optimum physical activity, what results could be expected if a person does nothing and if he/ she follows recommendations. At that point I always encourage my clients to go ahead,” – says the kinesiotherapist from “Upa”.