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Kinesiotherapist:‘‘The pain does not necessarily indicate the right location for treatment‘‘

Kinesiotherapist:‘‘The pain does not necessarily indicate the right location for treatment‘‘

Are you suffering from neck, back or muscle pain? You are not the only one. Millions of people across Europe feel the same.  It is not good news as the reasons for musculoskeletal system disorders include not only common reasons such as sustained awkward posture, fast pace of work, high force loads on the  human body movements, prolonged periods of standing or sitting in the same position but also psychological reasons which prevent people from getting better.

This fact has been scientifically proven and it is the fact which is also approved by Valdas Tautkus, the kinesiotherapist: “Human body is a complex mechanism consisting of many separate mechanisms, thus psychological attitude of a person may strongly influence such kind of disorders, for example, if a person tends to have a negative attitude, feels extremely  anxious about potential disease consequences or his or her future it is really difficult to help him or her.“

According to him, specialists should be aware of the fact that human body should be be considered as a whole, not separate compound parts if they expect positive outcome of their treatment and its long-term effects on the patient.

The only reason to see a doctor- unbearable pain

„Musculoskeletal system, back and neck pain is the most common reason for sick leave not only in Lithuania but in Europe as well and 97% of the patients are in their early 40ies. It is easy to predict that currently there are at least several hundred thousands people of working age in Lithuania  suffering from similar  disorders. Unfortunately, they rarely come to see their doctor and suffer from the pain without complaining until it becomes unbearable“, –admits V. Tautkus, the kinesiotherapist at wellness and rehabilitation centre “Upa“ in Druskininkai.

An adequate, individually tailored body movement helps renew, improve and maintain functioning capacity of  musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and other systems. However, according to the specialist, people, suffering from the pain, during the visit to an ordinary health institution usually hear common solutions to their problem, such as, suggesting :‘‘ a little bit of swimming‘‘,‘‘exercising‘‘, or ‘‘just  being more active‘‘. Unfortunately, it often is insufficient.

Visiting a kinesiotherapy specialist will faster solve the problem as well as decrease the duration of the pain.A special rehabilitation and diagnostic programme enables to examine accurately your health status,  and within several days off,having gained new power and knowledge, you will  have better chances of recovery from illness or disease and you will be aware of how to improve your lifestyle, boost your body‘s resistance power and immunity. In order to diagnose a medical problem, discuss its treatment and prepare a complex of therapeutic exercises it is recommended to have a consultation with a certified “James Cyriax“ diagnostic method kinesiotherapist at ‘‘Upa‘‘  rehabilitation centre in Druskininkai.

The answers often can be found in unexpected places

According to V. Tautkus, clinicians, diagnosing the reason for back pain, mostly ignore the fact about one very important stage of “learning to walk‘‘ which  many infants skip and move straight to walking. Crawling and other dynamic exercises, often regarded as typical animal behaviour, indeed play a vital part in balancing left and right brain hemispheres functioning, and if this stage is skipped , the necessary reflexes are not developed and later this may cause back pain. ,”If you look at a problem from diffrent angles and retrace the development of pain and its source, you can discover very interesting facts‘‘,smiles the kinesiotherapist.

The specialist at “Upa‘‘ wellness centre, which is often called  “James Cyriax“ diagnostic school in Lithuania, during diagnostic testing accurately identifies which body areas are problematic and how the patient‘s health status can be affected by connective tissue alterations, problems with internal organs or central nervous system.

“Central nervous system and human well-being are related very closely, but still many specialists keep ignoring it and do not try to give  the patient explanation of their disease and recovery process in a positive way. People feel anxious about many things: they wonder  if they will get back to work on time after illness, if they will not lose their jobs or  if they can afford to pay their bills  after a sick leave, and these worries do not speed up their recovery process‘‘, mentions V. Tautkus.

Although rehabilitation and mental health specialist services are not very popular in Lithuania , but, according to the specialist, it is obvious that in the future the number of people visiting specialists will increase,as the study shows musculoskeletal system, back and neck pain to be one of the most common illnesses  requiring sick leave  across Europe.

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