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SPA treatments

The procedures prices include VAT. Procedural prices may change. For valid prices, please ask at the reception during your stay.

60 min.
55.00 €

This truly unique experience is based on ancient Japanese techniques.  This treatment is aimed at neck, face and head muscles massage and uses fingertips to stimulate facial points, thus improving the flow of vital energy (bringing balance to body and mind). This facial massage stimulates the natural skin cleansing function, tones up facial tissue, removes muscle tension in the face, head and neck area, improves blood flow and lymph circulation, eliminates toxins. Facial skin becomes brighter and firmer, wrinkles, bags under eyes or double chin are reduced, face shape improves and outline becomes clearer.Kobido facial massage is the best gift that helps to eliminate fatigue and timestamps, regain physical and emotional strength.

30 min.
29.00 €

This treatment is one of the most effective cosmetic procedures. Not only the massage improves blood circulation, reduces swelling and increases the elasticity of the skin, but it also affects the overall well-being and mood. This massage intensifies the functioning of skin receptors and sebaceous glands; toxins, fat and old skin cells are removed from the skin. Classic massage also prevents the appearance of wrinkles, increases skin smoothness and firmness.

This massage is specially designed to relieve tension, emotional and mental stress and its consequences caused by chronic fatigue, apathy, sleep disorders, and irritability. The structure of this massage is based on a continuous loop – all movements are similar and follow the same rhythm. Such delicate, monotonous and slow movements maximize relaxation, improve the functional condition and psycho-emotional state. The massage boosts the immune system, stimulates brain centers and helps to release endorphins (happiness hormones), which have an anti-stress effect. After this massage, the person feels both relaxed and happy.

30 min.
29.00 €

It is a preventive – therapeutic face, neck and chest area massage. A variety of movements allows to perform each massage with maximum efficiency and resolve any problems from couperose (facial flushing) to formation of face contour. The massage helps to relieve facial muscle tension, prevents new wrinkles and reduces the existing ones, increases muscle tone, improves blood circulation and skin elasticity, reduces swelling, soothes and relieves fatigue. 

This is a very effective and enjoyable anti-ageing procedure.

This treatment is ideal for men as it detoxifies, rejuvenates, soothes and revives their skin. The products, used in the treatment, combine technological accuracy with proven effectiveness of natural ingredients. Enzyme scrub gently yet effectively cleanses the skin. Birch sap, microelements and vitamin C emulsion protect the skin from environmental damage and pollution and the effects of aging while alginate mask deeply moisturizes, cleanses, detoxifies and firms the skin. The treatment provides a fast and long-term result, restores energy and rejuvenation, which is essential for dull and tired looking skin.

it is a synergy of unique ingredients, which stimulates recovery processes in skin tissues while making it look like porcelain. A combination of magnolia and liquorice brightens pigment spots and improves skin tone. A mixture of vitamins and fatty acids soothes, intensively moisturizes and awards skin with a spontaneously visible glow. A unique patent active ingredient from Japanese plants provokes the generation of detoxifying ferments and antioxidant proteins, protects the skin from premature aging and the damage of UV rays.

This treatment not only deeply relaxes but also visibly reduces the intensity of pigment spots, makes the skin more resilient and moisture it, provides with the defense and glow.


It is a first aid treatment, which helps to satisfy even the thirstiest skin. A unique 7 Chinese herbs intensively moisturising mask restores and maintains moisture of the skin, smooths dehydration wrinkles, helps to reduce stretching feeling, rewards the skin with a feeling of comfort and protects it from oxidative stress. Facial, neck and décolletage massage not only relaxes but also gives the skin vitality. After the treatment the skin becomes softer, looks healthier, fresher and radiant. Besides, it leaves the skin protected from dehydration and negative environmental impact.

Nimue is a new generation derma-cosmeceutical. It offers active skin care products with pharmaceutical like benefits that have the ability to affect the structure and biological functioning of the skin. This deep cleansing treatment is indicated for environmentally damaged, problematic, sensitive and hyperpigmented skin. During the treatment dead skin cells are removed and clogged pores are opened. If needed, a thorough mechanical exfoliation is carried out. Exfoliating Enzyme, a combination of Papaya and Pineapple enzymes and Orange Oil Extract, gently detach the dead skin cells and promote cell renewal. 15% AHA Bio-Active Complex promotes skin rejuvenation and deeper penetration of active ingredients. Deep cleansing mask containing Kaolin and Tea Tree oil offers antiseptic properties, moisturises the skin, draws out impurities and absorbs excess sebum. Protective cream has an antioxidant effect and delays the appearance of skin ageing signs.

A gentle, yet active treatment that promotes cell regeneration and helps achieve a more refined texture, increased elasticity and radiance. Active ingredients, clinically proven benefits and transdermal delivery system improve skin condition and provide superior results.

Exfoliating Enzyme used during the treatment gently removes dead skin cells and prepares the skin for deeper penetration of active ingredients, while Bio-Active Complex promotes skin rejuvenation and regeneration. Alginate Green Tea Mask hydrates and soothes the skin, has antiseptic properties, improves skin elasticity and gives it softness. Face massage with Shea butter skin gives spectacular effects of firming and lifting the facial oval as well as wrinkle reduction. This facial treatment nourishes the skin leaving it supple, soft and rejuvenated.

This treatment combines Japanese facial massage Kobido and anti-wrinkle complex, making it the most powerful anti-ageing and restoring technique. This facial treatment removes toxins, tones facial muscles, smooths wrinkles, stimulates energy points, improves facial outline and tightens facial, neck and chest skin.

30 min.
30.00 €

This skin improvement facial is inspired by Balinese beauty rituals. Active ingredients from natural tropical flowers and fruit restore and soothe the skin providing it with instant radiance and a more luminous complexion. Face, neck and and shoulder massage awakens skin vitality. Total relaxation while enjoying the delicate scents of tropical flowers.

A great preventive measure against face and neck wrinkles. This massage focuses on the lymph, venous and extracellular fluid systems. The massage provides a significant lifting effect, restores the shape of your face and stimulates the skin's regenerative properties. Facial lymph drainage gives excellent results in the fight against couperose, skin dryness and sagging, decrease in tissue and muscle elasticity, facial swelling, early skin ageing.

90 min.
59.00 €

It is an active, multifunctional massage, which the main aim is to improve the flow of lymph to lymph node. The massage removes fluid retention, decreases tumefaction, improves circulatory system, provision oxygen for the tissues, metabolism, general feeling, regulates blood pressure, strengthens immune system, detoxifies organism, accelerates the process of weight loss and tightening skin. This complexion of the massage gives an energy and vivacity for an organism, helps to reduce the size of problematic body parts, to get rid of cellulite and cherish the beauty of body.

60 min.
49.00 €

There are rhythmical pressing movements, recovery of joints, stretch of body, different bend poses. The massage is performed on a mattress without oil. Massage movements are made using palms, elbows, knees, foot and full-body power. Such relaxing and restorative exercises for muscles and ligaments stimulate active points of whole body. The massage improves circulatory system, metabolism, trains flexibility of a body, increases the range of movements, decreases pain, stretch of muscles, mentally pressure, stress, anxiety, removes negative energy and balance emotional state. Please wear comfortable sportswear.

60 min.
49.00 €

This is a complex technique that restores physical and emotional well-being, strengthening the overall energy field within the body. Hot Stone Massage is carried out with volcanic rocks – Basalt stones. These stones provide a long-lasting heat that penetrates deep into the body and balances energy flows. The warmth from Basalt stones and delicate hands of masseur relax the muscles, reduce pain, improve blood and lymph circulation, boost the immune system, increase body resistance to illnesses, relieve stress, soothe, help to restore body and soul to a blissful state of harmony. The massage is recommended in circulation and muscle tone disorders, back and neck pain, joint diseases, to relieve physical and emotional stress, cold sensation in the extremities, depression, fatigue, and stress. This special massage is therapy for your body, mind, and soul.

Dive into the wonderful world of scents, revitalize your body and soul, bring a feeling of new live to your body that will stay for the rest of the day. This wonderful Aroma Therapeutic Massage restores the lost energy, gives a new faith and hope. Special selection of aromatherapy oils stimulates the respiratory system and skin to help achieve the desired outcome and total relaxation.

30 min.
29.00 €

This massage treatment aims cellulite-affected areas.

Cellulite is a specific change in adipose tissue that causes small mounds resembling an orange peel to appear on the surface of the skin.  There are many methods that help getting rid of this cosmetic deficiency. And one of them is massage. The massage improves blood flow and lymph circulation, stimulates the microcirculation in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, it stimulates metabolism, accelerates lipolysis processes and reduces the build-up subcutaneous adipose layer of toxins and water. Better supply of oxygen causes the tissues to become softer, deep skin layers are better nourished, thus making the skin smoother and softer.

This treatment involves wrapping, tension reducing arm massage, relaxing back and lymphatic drainage legs massage. Warming Udvartana body mask, enriched with chickpea flour, Indian foliage, organic ginger extract, and vanilla, boosts bloodstream, removes excess fluid and detoxifies the body. Relaxing back massage with universal Ayurvedic dry body oil reduces fatigue and restores well being. Lymphatic drainage legs massage improves lymphatic flow, reduces signs of cellulite, firms, and tones the skin. An incredible floral and mint aroma relaxes and uplifts the spirit. Every smallest part of your body will be pampered by the top quality Cinq Mondes products and massage movements. It is a perfect treatment which guarantees relaxation and a feeling of complete lightness in body and mind.

A bliss-inducing ritual from the Polynesian Islands nourishes the skin and provides deep moisture for a soft skin feeling. Greeting ritual is followed by body scrub with Cinq Mondes cosmetics that contains Monoi oil, the extraction of which is based on the deep-rooted Polynesian traditions. Monoi oil is produced by soaking the Red Frangipani (Frangipani flowers) blossoms in coconut oil. Since ancient times the Polynesian women nourish their beauty and youthfulness of the skin using this extraordinary technique. Full body Lomi-Lomi massage is aimed at promoting harmony and balance in body and soul. The therapist will make long rhythmic strokes with forearms, elbows and hands to set the blocked energy free and achieve overall physical and psychological well-being.

This body care treatment, originated from oriental traditions, includes body scrub, detoxifying wrap and full body relaxing massage. The treatment starts with a double body scrub: the skin is cleaned and purified using Beldi black soap and Kese body glove. The Beldi black soap has been used for centuries in ancient Moroccan hammams. In combination with the Kese body glove this soap helps to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin leaving it moisturised and soft. Body wrap with natural Rhassoul Clay improves skin elasticity, soothes and detoxifies the skin. Relaxing North African full body massage is carried out using a delicately scented hot argan oil; it eliminates body tension and muscle pain, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. This ritual will help you escape from everyday life and experience the harmony of body and soul.

Very pleasant, stress and tension-reducing ritual originating from ancient India. The ritual begins with a Sea Salt Body Scrub. In addition to removing dead skin cells and cleaning pores, exfoliation leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. Cinnamon and vanilla contained in the scrub refreshes and tones the skin making it glow.  Indian Ayurvedic massage is performed using warm sesame oil that moisturises and nourishes the skin. Deep rhythmic massage movements boost energy and vitality, and leave you feeling fully rested. During the the treatment all body muscles are relaxed, skin becomes silky and soft allowing you to enjoy vanilla and cardamom scents while your mind travels to the far India.

This treatment is enriched with underwater world minerals, valuable salts and the radiance of the rainbow pearls. It is great for tired, dry skin, which needs to be restored with its elasticity, vitality and tone. The treatment provides even tone of the skin, complemented with a gentle pearl glow, so the skin stays younger and radiant much longer. A pleasant smell, moisturized skin and subtle pearl glow remain after the treatment.

it is an euphoric effect treatment, uplifting mood and soul, reducing stress, boosting relaxation and creativity, awarding with power and energy, perfectly moisturizing skin, boosting immunity and fighting ageing processes. Hemp is excellent to nourish and soften the skin, restore the tone, detoxify, they have anti-inflammatory characteristics. Hemp scrub will help to get rid of any kind of worries and anxiety, award with the feeling of happiness and relaxation.

30 min.
30.00 €

this is a spirit uplifting and fatigue reducing treatment. This exotic treatment is perfect for those who want to boost efficiency, empower optimism and relax, restore energy. Valuable jojoba and almond oils, used in the scrub, excellently moisturize the skin, remove impurities, treat inflammations, cocoa butter, enriched with extracts, vitamins B,C,PP,K group and amino acids, cherish the skin. An exotic aroma helps to enjoy a feeling of harmony after the treatment.

It is especially pleasant whole body relaxing massage with precious and health beneficial hemp oil.

Hemp is known as an exceptionally beneficial plant for ages. It is the only one plant rich in vitamin D, necessary for calcium absorption. Besides, pressed hemp oil is rich in other useful substances too.

Hemp oil is unique as it has chlorophyll which detoxifies the body from carcinogenic substances, protects DNA from changes, stimulates blood production, boosts faster cells growth and strengthens walls.

This oil helps to regulate hormone balance, strengthens immunity, is perfect for skin as it absorbs very fast, deeply nourishes, provides elasticity and softness, nice and healthy skin radiance. Green grass aroma soothes and stays in the air for a long period.

Gently performed massage reduces tension and stress, gives vitality and energy. Do not hesitate and take a chance to treat yourself with a useful massage.

40 min.
32.00 €

Pressure points that affect the functioning of body organs are stimulated during the massage.

Acupressure massage is based on the circulation of vital energy, which restores the flow of energy throughout the body. Various organs, cells and glands are treated. The massage  soothes the autonomic nervous system, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, controls tissue nutrition, stimulates endocrine glands, relieves tense muscles, normalizes the functioning of body organs, improves sleep quality, reduces swelling and pain, strengthens the immune system and tones the body.

Foot massage is an effective treatment for unwinding and improving your health.



60 min.
49.00 €

Unique body stretching technique helps to ease and relax deep tissues in your body, improve blood flow and remove toxins from the body. This massage is not only soothing but also has a special therapeutic effect. It affects the muscular system, increases the elasticity of the joints' range of mobility, restores muscle balance, strengthens connective tissue and fixes postural problems. Regular massage improves and balances your spiritual and emotional balance.

Effective and pleasant treatment, performed using a mixture of natural oils, adding cinnamon and ginger. Cinnamon and ginger oil has got plenty of effective characteristics: it is restorative, anti – inflammatory, soothing and warming. Besides, it softens, nourishes and regenerates the skin, boosts metabolism, perfectly stimulates immunity system. The massage has a pleasant warming effect, relaxes body, reduces muscle pain and fatigue. After the treatment anxiety and nervous tension are reduced, well-being is boosted.

Hop is a unique plant. It is rich with vitamins B1,B2,B6,PP, valerian acid, essential oils and lots of other micro and macro elements. Valerian sprouts and leaves are rich with vitamin C, its fringe is full of phytoestrogens - natural origin hormonal substances, which are of great importance especially for women. Remedies with hop extract, beer yeast and fermented barley sprouts are known for their anti – inflammatory, bactericidal and pain relieving effects.

Hop has a central nervous system soothing effect, boosts metabolism, heart and blood- vessel work, eliminates toxins, strengthens capillaries, reduces insomnia, normalizes mineral substances circulation and helps skin to stay elastic. Natural extracts and oils, enriched with antioxidants reduce the effect of free radicals and skin ageing processes. Hop, barley and yeast extracts prevent from dehydration, restore skin moisture balance, make it resilient, help to save the youth and beauty.

Body pampering treatment “Hop power” – is a pleasant treatment which starts from moisturizing body scrub, followed by a body wrap, soothing scalp massage and is finished with full body relaxing massage. Natural scrub gently cleans the skin, eliminates dead cells and skin roughness. A body mask with hop extract, beer yeast, fermented barley sprout and high quality oil complex deeply moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin. Gentle cream provides with unforgettable feeling of lightness and pleasant feeling during the whole massage session.

A perfect massage, where characteristics of used remedies and relaxing movements are matched, helps to restore physical and energetic body, mind and soul balance.

Calming subtle hop aroma relaxes, improves mood and general well – being.