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Can you remember a smell of a pine tree forest on a sunny day and how crispy the air can be by the water? “Upa” is a rest and wellness home, which surrounds everyone by home coziness and warm care, saving one’s pleasant memories and restoring one’s energy every time the same as alive river goddness Upa in Lithuanian mythology.

You can find cozy, bright and comfortable surrounding as well as the most modern professional SPA and wellness service, meant for relaxation, health care prophylaxis or ones meant to overcome the health problems.

WELLNESS TREATMENTS. At "Upa", we focus on the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. We help you overcome sedentary work-related ailments, recover from sports injuries and learn how to avoid them.

RELAXATION AND BEAUTY TREATMENTS. Many of our complex treatments are designed to relieve fatigue and tension, we also invite you to try out facial and full-body beauty products. We offer therapeutic and soothing baths, relaxing massages, body scrubs, face and body rituals and more.

RESEARCH. It also offers professional medical tests to help you get to know yourself better, help you overcome pain, prepare for body changes, or plan your sports activities responsibly. We recommend them for beginners and professional athletes, aircraft pilots and anyone who wants to make lifestyle changes, adjust their weight and seek an accurate diagnosis of vascular or lung diseases.

A CARING ENVIRONMENT. "Upa" combines the power of nature with modern technology. Not only do we use the most advanced equipment and techniques for treatments, but the entire centre is designed with guests' health in mind. The main "Upa" building is equipped with a capillary heating and cooling system instead of the usual air conditioners to ensure a healthy indoor climate, which protects against dust, noise and wind, and is suitable even for allergic and sensitive guests.

SPACIOUS ROOMS. We offer double or deluxe rooms, and for those who prefer privacy, MEDEA apartments with kitchenettes, balconies and jacuzzies are located in a secluded building.

You are welcome to come and get pleasant impressions, which you will recall saying “This is home for my health in Druskininkai!”

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